Sunday, March 1, 2009


huhu nowadays d most common Q dat pepz would ask me with a suprised face

“eyh???anis x blk minggu ni???”

haha..yea yea i know i d gurl who always BALIK rumah…

cant blame me for being a house cat…ngeeee

eventhough skunk da few weekz x blk..but doesnt mean i dont want to…

waaaargh!!!!anis nk blk umah…


1. my COMFORT zone

2. d people dat i can b myself COMPLETELY

3. my PARENTS..i am spoilt..tehehe loving it…love u guyz!!

4. my BALI!!! (3rd bro) my brother my bestfriend my sengal geng n my merapu partner hihihi~ all in one

5. my sis??errrr haha she sengal also..gaduh sumtims but hey my only sis maaaa!!! (kalo kakna bce ni jgn kembank aaaa~)

6. my nieces n nephews..specially yg kecik2 (not bcoz i favor them or nthing juz dat d small ones tend to forget u easier..n nnt ble blk dorg wont really smile dat much 4 u..buhuhuhu now dats SAD!!!yg besar2 we can talk on d phone n they would ask “cu!where r u?when r u coming back?”)


DSC_0094 [Desktop Resolution]~dear MARYAM SOFEA luvs~ 

gomene maryam dear..i wont b around to celeb ur bdae dis year…aishhhh keep MIA in lovely2 occasions..dang!

….DANIEL!!!!MARYAM!!!cepat sehat oke???

2 vanilla~:

iamamongyouandyoucannotseeme said...

God, She's pretty!

anisdiyana said...

huhu yup. i think so too...heee~ thx