Friday, June 19, 2009


DSC_0275 [Desktop Resolution]

baju blom kemas..lens blom pilih..beg blom clear..not really in d mood for olidae

lens x lae amek lgi..laptop blom complete configure..aish bnyk bende x wat lgi

Thursday, June 18, 2009

i dun feel so good YET

i might b laughing histerically..i might b talking stuff like there is no worries in d world….ive decided to b stronger..but at d end of d still sucks…thx friends with all ur unique ways of cheering me up…i’ll try harder…

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

words left unspoken

you will never ever b able to read this anymore. i will never ever b able to hear ur laughter anymore. im sori. truely i am. didnt even get d chance to say d final farewell. u were my bestfren n will always be. tears will not bring u back. ur sudden farewell is a shock to all of us. i cant help feeling terkilan. we had made plans. dis week would b d week. been a year since we last met. now i will never get that chance anymore. im sori dear. i really love you Nadia. may you rest in peace. Al-fatihah .

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

monsters hit kl

DSC_0011 [Desktop Resolution]DSC_0051 [Desktop Resolution]  DSC_0097 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_0090 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_0110 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_0126 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_0181 [Desktop Resolution]terbaek;p [Desktop Resolution]  DSC_0251 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_0248 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_0264 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_0245 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_0254 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_0260 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_0272 [Desktop Resolution]

penat tpi baloi..nite pepz;p

Sunday, June 14, 2009

taman rama-rama

 DSC_0046 [Desktop Resolution]

DSC_0031 [Desktop Resolution]

DSC_0062 [Desktop Resolution]

DSC_0070 [Desktop Resolution]

DSC_0077 [Desktop Resolution]

DSC_0139 [Desktop Resolution]

DSC_0204 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_0169 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_0058 [Desktop Resolution]

DSC_0202 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_0136 [Desktop Resolution]

DSC_0162 [Desktop Resolution]

 DSC_0067 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_0182 [Desktop Resolution]

DSC_0166 [Desktop Resolution]

 DSC_0075 [Desktop Resolution]

kudos to buya n my sis 4 sum of da pic~~ lovely dae lovely place^^

Friday, June 12, 2009

i love spidey

ade bnyk jenis…utk snap2 hihihi



around d house je

aishhh blela my sis nk bwk g taman orkid ni??taman rama-rama ke..mesti best:(

DSC_0011 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_0012 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_0013 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_0014 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_0019 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_0016 [Desktop Resolution]

dis is all i could find..ade satu kt roundabout tpi takot nk g sne..sorg2 bahaye:s

pic bunge yg last tu edit contrast sket;p

snappin inside d house

nk kua:(

DSC_0007 [Desktop Resolution]

cute~ working in pairs;p

DSC_0009 [Desktop Resolution]

okok dis is disgusting but look at d feet…tajam dowh

DSC_0023 [Desktop Resolution]

yg ni edit contrast sket..x pasan pic gelap lak adeih


notin special to snap..i want flowers:( aishhh

DSC_0052 [Desktop Resolution]

edit contrast sket;p

Thursday, June 11, 2009

call me a freak

tpi sye syg UIA…

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

seakan jiwe yg tak tenang

DSC_0077 [Desktop Resolution]

*tearin up my heart…sigh

“feelings cannot be understood unless spoken”…“but if one lets out feelings but isnt accepted it will remain in the heart as a horrible wound” - hotaru no hikari


amazed at how feelings could affect thoughts and actions

*nsync song in my head

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

closure of 1st year

sunrise..wohoo!!thxies korg 4 da wonderful morning:)

d morning was a bit foggy..d 2 girls (zira n i) were a bit loud n hyper (ok ok a LOT) and muiz was sleepy (didnt woke up from ANY side of d bed) huhu..

DSC01313 [Desktop Resolution] DSC01384 [Desktop Resolution] DSC01385 [Desktop Resolution] DSC01266 [Desktop Resolution] DSC01354 [Desktop Resolution]

pics from sony;p

DSC_0015 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_0025 [Desktop Resolution]

DSC_0066 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_0068 [Desktop Resolution] 

                   ~elmo..cookie monster..zoe~

DSC_0070 [Desktop Resolution]DSC_0074 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_0093 [Desktop Resolution]DSC_0107 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_0091 [Desktop Resolution]  DSC_0059 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_0126 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_0145 [Desktop Resolution]

pics from nikon;p

im CONTENT nuff said..weeee goin back dis afternoon ngan zira..

huhuhu really gona miss uia n d familiarities..take care batch 12 <3..insyaAllah after 3+ weeks we’ll be gathered in uia yet again;p