Sunday, July 26, 2009

futsal:) ~~

ngan kak aimi
the team:) + a burnt me aishhh
aside from futsal ade je pic laen yg ingat nk post..buttttttttt maybe i'll just keep that for myself:) lalala~

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

english day

wow..its one LONGGGGG day..never thought id miss malay this much...huhuhuhu guess its true what they say about people n taking things for granted..huhuhu it could be applied on many things even language..i for one had been taking malay for granted..huhuhu now i know how precious it is...weeeeeeee~ m loving malay language even more:)

things to ponder: taking things for granted..hmmmm
ps: thx peers for being so hard-working all this while:)

note to self: i dont like myself 2day on one occasion..i should change..YES!! i should (know my place)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

weeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

some things are better left unsaid..isnt it?

to understand without words..

well it depends..LOL

Friday, July 17, 2009

epi bday~~

i think dis is CUTE ^_^
alia-chan >.<
daniel-chan *sengal*
my bros' bday *epi bday balam!!*

sori without live with kure kure punye broadband..aish aish n me without ideas..;p

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

picture taking blog posting

im OFF for d moment..dont know where my mood has gone to(i wonder);p just capturing moments in my brain instead of memory card for d time being..

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


sense of belonging??where?? lost

Sunday, July 5, 2009

it never stops hurting

i thought i was alrite...well maybe i am...but i cant juz forget her for d reason dat remembering brings i took a peak at ur was enough to make me cry..shoot! i had refused to look b4 but i couldnt juz forget u dear..not yet hopefully never...

bitter reality...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

turkey from 900+ pics


DSC_0719 [Desktop Resolution]

Blue mosque

DSC_0725 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_1077 [Desktop Resolution]DSC_0767 [Desktop Resolution]

DSC_1094 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_1101 [Desktop Resolution] 

Food,shops and hard working peopleDSC_1364 [Desktop Resolution]

DSC_0867 [Desktop Resolution]

 DSC_0872 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_1395 [Desktop Resolution]   DSC_1322 [Desktop Resolution]DSC_1004 [Desktop Resolution]DSC_1026 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_1192 [Desktop Resolution]DSC_1028 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_1054 [Desktop Resolution]   DSC_1361 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_1374 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_1393 [Desktop Resolution] 

Topkapi palace  DSC_1450 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_1472 [Desktop Resolution]  

DSC_1550 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_1592 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_1646 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_1658 [Desktop Resolution]

DSC_1708 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_1815 [Desktop Resolution] <----d reason i dun like Hagia Sofea DSC_1828 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_1798 [Desktop Resolution]


DSC_1913 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_1895 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_1915 [Desktop Resolution]

 BURSA     DSC_1957 [Desktop Resolution]DSC_1975 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_1989 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_1992 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_1995 [Desktop Resolution]

Green Mosque  DSC_2004 [Desktop Resolution]

 DSC_2034 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_2012 [Desktop Resolution]

Grand mosque   DSC_2059 [Desktop Resolution]

DSC_2052 [Desktop Resolution]

DSC_2074 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_2131 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_2125 [Desktop Resolution]


DSC_2179 [Desktop Resolution]

Suleyman mosque and Egyptian bazaar

DSC_2187 [Desktop Resolution]

DSC_2197 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_2206 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_2214 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_2245 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_2233 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_2243 [Desktop Resolution]