Monday, February 23, 2009

bebel-bebel merapu

hahha anis jarang menulis…u knw dat already..duh~

im supposed to study..again!!duh~

hahaha tp cm tetbe not feeling all dat great!!x saket juz not feeling “dat” well..

now i it bcoz of lack of nasi in my system..hahaha da few days x mkn nasi n also makan once a dae je..hmmm ok lah!!sok makan nasi pulak!!!yosh~

hahah now food..BEWARE!!! in a _cookie monster mood_

ble pk2 blk..nahhh cant b bcoz of food..CURRENT STATUS:no mood

CaN You See Sumtin TRAPPED inside…okok honestly its juz reflection of PINKU

DSC_0017 [Desktop Resolution]

Thursday, February 19, 2009

b-lated prezie^^

red ranjer!!!mekaseh bangat!!!!ske ske^^ sorila wat susah2 je~


heee tq sgt~

owh owh n bdway..photochallenge 2 is out!!!

Voting date : 25th of February (Wednesday)

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vote once only ok!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A piece of my mind

huhuhuhu its rare for me to blog in when i do so..u can knw dat im DISTURBED..aihhh been postponing dis blog for quiet a while..cant see the significance..maybe there’s still none now..but i seriously cant stand it no more


huhuhu it might b a small problem to some..heck! might not b a problem to u..if it were to happen to u..but it is to need to read further..

dis is juz one way of expressing myself..haha

dis past few weeks been difficult or maybe complicated for me..actually its been a while since things get so other word “serabut”!!

i feel bugged..hmmm or maybe stalked??ok ok i might b exagerating a bit..forgive me..

but seriously i have my patience so plz dont test it to an extend that i can no longer bare..ive been holding it in for quite sum tim…so plz juz give me SPACE so dat i would b able to loosen up and get comfortable again..

im complicated (poyo je) but honestly im in a serabut sori if this post would hurt anyone..i juz cant bare it for too long..i cant opt for face to face thing..people say that its less mean..but is it???i think this is not stating any names or saying any acts..but still sori if anyone takes dis diff.

im juz telling how i feel..which i rarely do.

fyi: nowadays i might b putting a shield to many things..not gona say what..its juz between me and myself..again i might b too serabut to think straight and d fault is all mine to everyone yg ade terase wit me..i apologize for how im acting or acted trying to find my comfort zone..where i can b myself n not feel too aware and cautious of my surroundings..

my mood??_cautious_

and again..GOMENE!!

p.s:this post can be for general or even a particular person..heck it might b u..hmmm go figure;p if u think its u..sori but plz get d msg.

tq prof pakeer^^

The ONLY time when HIV is sumthing gud??? teheee~

DSC_0008 [Desktop Resolution]


Life is hectic..schedule is full..simply im lets chill for a while?

DSC_0236 [Desktop Resolution] 

and owh yeah plz leave a vote here!! photochallenge^^ really appreciate any comments and votes;p choose d ones u!!!yes u!!d one and only one dat u like.thx

Saturday, February 14, 2009

medic students who??what??;p

drug administration..hmmm dis was hard...d first tikus died from trachea puncture maybe..sedey owh tgk d tikus gagged n all...n guess what..

it died in d hands of whom??ME!!buhuhu start2 da bunuh sekor..sedey gle nk nangis(haha anis cengeng) but hey!!!i cant help but feeling guilty..n i even tanye d mlt bro "tikus kenal ke if kte bunuh kawan die" xnk la plak tikus2 tu mara n geget2 ke ape ke..buhuhu sedey

but pape pun d lab wuz alrite..i learn at least sum parts dat im supposed to...KOT huhuhu mayb walaupun no success since d rat x pengsan s its supposed at least i learned to catch d rat n pujuk2 die;p ngee~ comel bangat!!!(naseb baek lab rat) hihihihi

LAstly TQ tikus2!!!sayang kamu lebey tq tlg kitorg belajar sory wat korunk saket:"(
i learn 1 more thing:anis kuat tekejut n ble anis tekejut die takot;p hahhaha n then lepaskn tikus..gomene group mates..tikus asyek terlepas je when im responsible to hold it..

haaaaa ni plak microbio...!!!diff lab diff experiment

hihihihi dis block..3rd block year 1!!!we do culture^^ microbio..puas hati with dis one;p tp lab report is still not anywhere in sight yet;p looks like giardia lamblia sedikit dun it??heee~~

ooookay d cm gloomy plak..

tmbh photos!!!non related;p

Monday, February 9, 2009

covalent bond>.<

pada suatu pgi..tika bala-chan 1 dan bala-chan 2 berjalan2 ke rumah kawan..mereka terjumpe pisang..bermulalah kesah pisang...tehehe^^

bala-chan 1:covalent bond camne nk makan pisang??
bala-chan 2:senang je meh kte tunjuk;p step2 die..

kenali pisang anda^^ dan target satu..

STEP 2-buang kulit pisang sebelum makan dan d tmptnye;p

STEP 3-makan tanpa rase bersalah..kalo guilty xlae makan tahu!!!
njoy^^ nyum2 jgn lupe geget kecik2 supaya jimat pisang!!!;p

bala-chan 2:haaa covalent bond...cm2la care2 makan pisang..senang kn???
bala-chan 1:aah la senang..jom makan pisang lgi jom..
bala-chan 2:jom;p hihi nxt lesson is on....


bala-chan 1:yey!!!blaja memandu!!!yey>.<

sekian dari kami bala-chan 1 dan bla-chan 2^^

ps:crite dongeng semate2..tehehehe..mekaseh bala-chan2(name timangan hahah) utk kerjasama yg d brikn^^

Saturday, February 7, 2009

mekaseh fidza!!!!^^

cantek kn????powwer ranjers beserah-jom2!!

covalent bond!!!mekaseh sgt ajak kte 2dae^^ ske bangat3>.<
mereka dan mak fidza

kami puleee weee~


Friday, February 6, 2009


wah cepatnye homesick nowadays..mase 1st block dulu lae je tahan duk sni lame2..haih.

isnin ni bday daniel!!!
ni la daniel^^ budak yg 'bnyk akal' bak kate prof nasa

"gomene daniel-chan cu x blk celeb ur burfdae:'( dis year"

y m i here nway???wargh!!!!nk blk:'( sedeynye

Monday, February 2, 2009


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