Friday, September 26, 2008

P.S= i love you;p

have you guyz ever done this few easy steps =

1.sit down
2.on the laptop/pc/notebook the picture folder
4.browse through the OLD photos n videos

well if you havent..nnt..take some time to do it..its a lil time consuming but you'll realize a few things after that..such as

*how much fun times you had before(not to say that we should live in our past)
*those whom had ALWAYs been with you all this whilethrough thick n

you'll learn to appreciate n love them even more;p (jgn pulak ble da xde nnt bru nk nyesal kn??hmmm..) n you'll also learn to cherish all the memories

-now i love my cameras even more..hihihi

Thursday, September 25, 2008

fav type of clouds

SELAMAT HARI RAYE n maaf zahir dan batin;p

Sunday, September 21, 2008


FOOD!!!!!>.<>last night pergi mid wit my 3rd eat eat...^^ alwayz epy when it comes to food..drools~

waaaaa food..godaan2
ice cubes *random pic*
my bro wuz so hungry waiting that he became 'koo koo'...
get what i mean??=P

nyum nyum
anis + 3rd bro + food = sengal~
on the way backda duduk putrajaya few months..skunk bru nk take picz..
silly me~sapekah yg bekerja d sini *soklan cepumas*

snap3 on the way home..the end of a fine night out~

niece n nephew (d small ones)




zira the new n latest roomie n co-stalker n will be for another 5 yearz..aish..hahah kidding

iftar 12th batch

geng dota??
d hard working crew
i like d trees' shadow

sape nk pics..i can upload upon request..kalo nk upload sume penat la...aish..hahha tp if nk sume..kne tgg i ade resizer or tgg i blk uia

Saturday, September 20, 2008

huhu~ first post!!!........BLANK.....what m i supposed to do now??? not so good with words so this is mostly photo blog kot...huhuhu but sori if da picz is not superb or any good since im still learning..;p same goes with dis blog thinggy...ZIRA!!!!help me out will ya???