Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I have quite a few defense mechanisms. One of them is by being hyper.it allows me to ignore how I really feel. but what i just realize is i became ignorant of my surrounding.and it's bad when u reach a certain level.owh well....what other defense mechanisms to use?hihi

It's interesting how everyone has a very unique n different personality.its scary sometimes.huhu *hyper mode* lalala~

Sunday, November 27, 2011


I think too much.i have to stop doing so.

Internal conflict

Urghhhhh it's d worst conflict yet.when ur mind is in a combat mode with ur heart.

And yet u can seem so fine n normal on the outside until that one moment when u can't hold it in no more.

Drama is produced in between that period of time.. when ur at the peak of conflict but also at ur peak of guarding from it.lol.

its stupid but i guess it needs time

Seeing without looking

hearing without listening
knowing without googling
Caring without wanting.

Despite the stupidity

full of drama

internal conflict makes me into a person full of drama. lol.

maybe i'll start being random yet again :)


and so i feel like blogging tonight...lalala

things been...this past few weeks.

but I'm grateful for the awesome group-mates for keeping me occupied with work n still making it fun at d same time :D *with the merapu...the HIGHness..the DRAMA n the jokes* i love being able to be myself totally.

group A1

the 2 awesome besties...it was a surprise indeed...the incident that night...grateful sgt2 for ur friendship:D

uncaptured precious little moment

huhu maggi time with dad <3 <3 <3 simply priceless

Saturday, November 26, 2011


simply :)

D best thing about pictures is.

its a way of expressing how u feel.

At times it can b just a random pic but when u put a caption to it, it can give a whole new meaning

It is a process of freezing precious little moments and capturing emotions.

It's awesome when u capture with ur heart:) it doesn't need to b perfect as distortions might simply b ur definition of perfect.personal preference.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mixed feelings

I want to be fine but I'm not.i want to let go but I havent.till then I'll just ignore.god knows till