Saturday, March 28, 2009

puddin ngan kipas hikmat!!!!;p

DSC_0038 [Desktop Resolution]

mekasyeh bala-chun^^ for d kipas hikmat^^ hihihi


(terharu~~ acun ingat kite^^ yeayeah)

my addiction

printing pics…!!!!!!best gle…n edit pic sket2;p

DSC_0171 [Desktop Resolution]

so this is my wall..heee~-delayed post

DSC_0032 [Desktop Resolution]

its full yeay!!!

r u on it???then i love you~

what??ur not???m still collecting more pics n updating d wall!!!

dearies no worries hihihi;p

Saturday, March 21, 2009

hi my name is puddin

DSC_0002 [Desktop Resolution]

i love em bears^^ ni la my buah hati!!!!heee~

mekaseh big sis!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

juz random..i love u!

with each day that past learning..n still is n will not stop till d end of this short journey of what we call life..with each event n occasions..

i might do wrongs n such…i might regret sum of d past things..but i am learning n m still..d past, present and future..i want to cherish every single moment..

d people around..the people back home..simply i luv u;p honestly >.< can never say enough of that..huhu

DSC_0160 [Desktop Resolution]

ni anak senior kot tim interbatch..hueee~

*p.s.: i learnt that if we juz live our life without taking moments to think..we might miss lots of like babies..parents..families and friends..if we take time that we spent with them for granted..we might b in d losing side..cause time flies by..maybe 2moro them or even ourself might not even b here anymore..

so simply i love you!!juz simply coz u guyz means a lot to me..<3

Saturday, March 14, 2009

post interb[a]tch

so what did i get out of all this??

hueeee..3 bengkak and 2 basically it seems i injure myself a LOT..worth it kah??

mmg saket n mmg my fault pon ske men ganas;p but x PERNAH seteruk ni..paling2 seliuh satu je..

BUT ble d timbang2 semule..ok la..i did gain a LOT from dis event gk…

i learnt:

1.that we need to STICK together n SUPPORT each other..

2.its not that bad to LOOSE a game when u GAIN a better friendship;p thx korunk!!! ACCEPT that we r not PERFECT n we make mistakes..we r learning!!!

4.things and people can SUPRISE you^^


lastly..thx committee n players…u guyz roxx!!!ranjers thx coz cover d event;p first years!!!lets stick together!!!we have got 4years+..lepas ni sume akan hala ke negeri masing2..cherish it while we can >.<

p.s faex!!ure d best!!!thx lots tolong kitorg…hueeee will cherish d goal we made ngan far..hahahah~


DSC_0077 [Desktop Resolution] ranjers!!

DSC_0298 [Desktop Resolution] committeeDSC_0136 [Desktop Resolution] futsal team

netball team pic ngan muiz n akmal..korunk!!!nk pic!!!;p

Thursday, March 12, 2009

knip talking

cant wait to c my new BUAH HATI^^

hueeee 2dae turns out to b alright after all despite of a few ***** that has been shed (okok quite a
LOT gk laaa) hahaha malunye;p

i L.O.V.E my FAMILY!!! they are d best!!!

ps: congrates friends~

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

u me US??so dis post is for YOU

tdi bkk lampu2 neon..ju posted pics tim kt i opened d folder from my hp since it has alwayz been there but been a while since i browse through it..

sedeh sdikit..huhuhu miss those times..

hueee u me n us;p

DSC00642 DSC04283


u me us..well were growing up n changed a lil..well maybe a gomene~

will forever cherish those times;p n d times to come s well^^

p.s.: syg korunk!!u me us n all friends n families..huhu

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Zira!!!Gninuk!!mate!!we love you dear>.<

DSC_0028 [Desktop Resolution]

as alwayz..i LOVE candles;p weeee~

DSC_0014 [Desktop Resolution] 

Have A Wonderful toxoplasmosis bday!!

you’re old now!!!so u have to behave!!!hahaha while i on d other hand can go all whacho n such;p lalala~


~d bdae gurl~


p.s: incase u guys are wondering…its writen “zira dah tue!!!” on d cake heee~

Sunday, March 1, 2009


huhu nowadays d most common Q dat pepz would ask me with a suprised face

“eyh???anis x blk minggu ni???”

haha..yea yea i know i d gurl who always BALIK rumah…

cant blame me for being a house cat…ngeeee

eventhough skunk da few weekz x blk..but doesnt mean i dont want to…

waaaargh!!!!anis nk blk umah…


1. my COMFORT zone

2. d people dat i can b myself COMPLETELY

3. my PARENTS..i am spoilt..tehehe loving it…love u guyz!!

4. my BALI!!! (3rd bro) my brother my bestfriend my sengal geng n my merapu partner hihihi~ all in one

5. my sis??errrr haha she sengal also..gaduh sumtims but hey my only sis maaaa!!! (kalo kakna bce ni jgn kembank aaaa~)

6. my nieces n nephews..specially yg kecik2 (not bcoz i favor them or nthing juz dat d small ones tend to forget u easier..n nnt ble blk dorg wont really smile dat much 4 u..buhuhuhu now dats SAD!!!yg besar2 we can talk on d phone n they would ask “cu!where r u?when r u coming back?”)


DSC_0094 [Desktop Resolution]~dear MARYAM SOFEA luvs~ 

gomene maryam dear..i wont b around to celeb ur bdae dis year…aishhhh keep MIA in lovely2 occasions..dang!

….DANIEL!!!!MARYAM!!!cepat sehat oke???

packed day..

ok ok now da tim is 11.51pm..i bru je blk…2dae wuz a full dae..packed but i would not say wasted..

pg td g inter faith dialogue..thx to teyha for d lift n jiha yg sgt determined..gogo jiha!!!heee mekaseh sgt x tggl kte keseorgan^^ diha n hanisah juge…~~

honestly im TIRED la but now im back in my rum with a full stomach n yet to take my bath after been playing bball in d rain..huhuhu

had fun with d seniors n da school whom invited us to play there…hahaha maaf anis maen ngan sgt merapu;p gomene~~

 DSC04753 [Desktop Resolution]  DSC04754 [Desktop Resolution]

 DSC04755 [Desktop Resolution]


bball best!!!hihihihi~

toodles people nk g shower..kang demam x sal laks..huhu