Sunday, March 1, 2009

packed day..

ok ok now da tim is 11.51pm..i bru je blk…2dae wuz a full dae..packed but i would not say wasted..

pg td g inter faith dialogue..thx to teyha for d lift n jiha yg sgt determined..gogo jiha!!!heee mekaseh sgt x tggl kte keseorgan^^ diha n hanisah juge…~~

honestly im TIRED la but now im back in my rum with a full stomach n yet to take my bath after been playing bball in d rain..huhuhu

had fun with d seniors n da school whom invited us to play there…hahaha maaf anis maen ngan sgt merapu;p gomene~~

 DSC04753 [Desktop Resolution]  DSC04754 [Desktop Resolution]

 DSC04755 [Desktop Resolution]


bball best!!!hihihihi~

toodles people nk g shower..kang demam x sal laks..huhu

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