Tuesday, March 17, 2009

juz random..i love u!

with each day that past by..im learning..n still is n will not stop till d end of this short journey of what we call life..with each event n occasions..

i might do wrongs n such…i might regret sum of d past things..but i am learning n m still..d past, present and future..i want to cherish every single moment..

d people around..the people back home..simply i luv u;p honestly >.< can never say enough of that..huhu

DSC_0160 [Desktop Resolution]

ni anak senior kot tim interbatch..hueee~

*p.s.: i learnt that if we juz live our life without taking moments to think..we might miss lots of details..eg like babies..parents..families and friends..if we take time that we spent with them for granted..we might b in d losing side..cause time flies by..maybe 2moro them or even ourself might not even b here anymore..

so simply i love you!!juz simply coz u guyz means a lot to me..<3

2 vanilla~:

B | a | Y | B | i | e ♀ said...

nyaa~ love u too ^^
yeh, ebay sgt nyusahkan.. sgt lambat!
nk gne lmbat, nk bli lmbt, nk dp pn lmbt!

anisdiyana said...

eit bestie!!lme x jumpekn???aihhh