Saturday, November 28, 2009 is not all that sweet :(

Monday, November 23, 2009

trimas kakak besar..

Saturday, November 21, 2009

playin wit them babies <3 haha im 21

sweet kn?? :)
S.ayang K.amu ~~

random thoughts

its better not to gain rather than risking of losing..dun ya think?


its better to do at least no regrets? hmmm

merapu je lebey...adoiiilaaaa..haahha in d end i decide....

i give up:P haha sng cite. END.

Friday, November 20, 2009

you MADE my WEEK :)

zoe paling mude! wohooo~

elmo: thanxies~
count: insyaAllah :)
oscar: tau la ko kurus... :) hihihi
bert: kerepot???OMG kerepot??pok kang! hahaha :P
Cmon: YOU are THE best!!! XOXO.wonderful? insyaAllah :)
bigbird: weird?me??haha bukan ke ko lbh weird?ak unique lalala:P

Sunday, November 15, 2009

whats with me dis weekend?

i keep losing things...things that meant a lot to me...owh well thank god that all of those things can be bought...*still saket gk r nk korek bank...haha*

cover lens...memory card...sume ilang..tmpt yg x logik dek akal lak tu...atas bas la..dlm bilek la...adoiii i guess it cant be helped...BALI!!!!cepat balik dri holidae..jom g bli cover lens ngan memory card k??? :)

i just hope that i wont lose the non-replaceable...including YOU..yes! YOU people around me...

u,me and us

thx a bunch :) dis trip could have not happen without each and every one of YOU~

thx all..lets make the next visit a reality and continous!! :)

i dont know how to put today in words...the only thing i can say is dat its PRICELESS...the programme was SO worth it. honestly i gained a lot from everyone =)

mixtures of emotions...

today we went to rumah ehsan which is an old folks home for chronically ill patients

we were welcomed with smiles, hopefully we were able to leave a memorable moment to them s it has to us...SPEECHLESS simply.

many things goes around my mind today...but seeing the ward after we left...i felt sad...when we were there...doing rapport and such, i can feel the room lit up...seeing their smiles just gave a type of warmth feeling inside...BUT as i walked away...and looking at the ward from a distance..its as if we took away the life with every further step that we saddens me to feel that i wasnt able to do much for them...

i want to visit them again. yes. honestly. to see those smiles. those glitter in their eyes. and i want to b able to do more for them. really. i wish. i pray i'll b able to.

the visit made me ponder on life. it might be them,there,now. but what about us??we're not gonna be young forever...

it also made me think bout my parents. i PRAY that i would be ABLE to take care of them and not give them away. how can we? how DARE we? they took care of us from small till now..what have we given them? what have they ask of us? they ask for nothing in return. simply giving their hearts to us...FULL.

*speechless and pondering*

cuppies made with and for those whom in our hearts :)~

eldest niece~

Friday, November 13, 2009


know what i want