Thursday, January 29, 2009

kema!!i owe u kn??

nah2 amek2!!!da x larat berHUTANG..hihihi

i promised to post my rum kn???tgk laaaaa

alang2 camera da d keluarkn utk powwer ranjers punye post..tgkp la trus huhu;p

_ my rum in general _ _ ni la meja stady..tgh wat pbl lol~ _

_ im still a kid pardon me;p _ _ my view s been posted in p.r. _

gomene for d lateness of d post..but at least da buat kn???;p

Sunday, January 25, 2009


my parents weren't around thus my 1st brother invited us to his house for dinner..arigato^^ n the whole bro n sis were gathered>.<

the HOST(thus we're d parasites then??)


them nieces n nephews

kerenah si budak2 kecik^^ syg kamu!!


forgotforgetforgotten??huhuhu its been a couple of months since my burpday which is on nov..wuz browsing through folders of pictures..then stumbled on to those pics on 21st nov

it wus my burfdae but i was in kuantan n wusnt intending of goin back home due to packed schedule of studies..i thought dat its gona b a burfdae without my family..but they came without saying a word..i wus suprised bcoz d family had things already planned out for d weekend but they changed it last minute due to sum tears;p(tersipu malu) but it was really a great n superb all i hav to say is..

I LOVE MY FAMILY^^ they're d best!!!!what more could a girl ask^^
my big sis(d majistret) n i

my parents n i>.<

Thursday, January 15, 2009


2dae started out great..msk roti canai wit parents n all..then after that things started to head downwards..buhuhu demam demam..hopefully i'll b fine b4 blk uia...aishhh berjangkit2..batuk2 mcm nk asthma..huhuhu hopefully not la kn???yosh!!!body immune berusaha!!!!;p later i'll post d roti canai stuff LOL~ toodles^^

eyh jap2 guess x smpt nk post d pics..wuz occupied ngan crite..huhuhu so nway chiyo for nxt block people!!c u monday insyaAllah
FINALLY!!!got to post d pics;p

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


sun behind the leaves

swimming pool at a friends'(kudos for d photo s well)

cat rumah anyone?

leaves simply comforting^^

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


so it all started wit far sleeping over;p

_gomene far nxt tim kte g cycling kay??_

d nxt dae we had honey star for gomene again far^^

then around 12 anas pick us up..then g lepak mid valley g mkn;p

after mkn g men bowling..aihhh i should hav been firm wit my decision not to play...hahha coz i lose terribly;p but nemind juz having fun...far terer gle first tim men bowling!!!

thx u guyz;p fyi kudos to my sony>.<..huhu sok lak nk g mwt^^ yey

Sunday, January 11, 2009


homemade cuppies^^(kakak ipar n my sis buat..i cant though;p)

like dis pic..made me feel calm..hmmm green of trees n blues of skies..juz superb combination aint it??our Creator made it so PERFECT^^ alhamdulillah~


Friday, January 9, 2009


sunshine~ huhuhu let is shine bright n jolly^^ epi olidae batch 12

Thursday, January 1, 2009


ble d fikir2..makin lame kt dunie ni..makin bnyk lak dose..x cukop ngan dose..baek n buruk sume da makin x d pikirkn..huhuhu ble d fikir2 takottttnye laaa nnt kn..iman kt dada bnyk manela sgt..hmmmm dose sndr da bnyk..tmbh lgi dose ngan manusia..lgiiiila bnyk!!aish..dose ngan manusia plg bhye sbnrnye kn???kalo org tu x maafkn lgi truk kalo kte x sempat pon nk mntk maaf..cmneeeela org tu nk maaf kn kte kn??heee

oleh itu...mintak SORRI sume!!!hujung rambut smpai hujung kaki..nyawe xtau smpai ble..kalo ade salah silap jgn simpan dlm hati ye...kalo ade x puas hati..bitaula..mungkin perit nk trime kesalahan sndr(myself i mean) kalo da wat salah ngan org knela tanggung kn??jd..if ade x puas hati ckpla..n ummm kalo bleh maafkn ye diri ini(heheh ayat skema sket)

tppp sume yg d katekn tulus dr hati..
ps=jgn risau anis masih waras n normal^^ cme terfikir tu yg tulis tu..sllnye smpn je tp yg ni rase mcm perlu d POST..oleh itu..yosh!!!mari tekan butang publish!!heee n fyi post ni xlae d cmmnt trima kaseh>.<