Thursday, January 15, 2009


2dae started out great..msk roti canai wit parents n all..then after that things started to head downwards..buhuhu demam demam..hopefully i'll b fine b4 blk uia...aishhh berjangkit2..batuk2 mcm nk asthma..huhuhu hopefully not la kn???yosh!!!body immune berusaha!!!!;p later i'll post d roti canai stuff LOL~ toodles^^

eyh jap2 guess x smpt nk post d pics..wuz occupied ngan crite..huhuhu so nway chiyo for nxt block people!!c u monday insyaAllah
FINALLY!!!got to post d pics;p

2 vanilla~:

nadhsamuel said...

it's look so yummy~

anisdiyana said...

huhu tq^^ my sis made d dough so in a way all d family in d house made it..heee