Sunday, January 25, 2009


forgotforgetforgotten??huhuhu its been a couple of months since my burpday which is on nov..wuz browsing through folders of pictures..then stumbled on to those pics on 21st nov

it wus my burfdae but i was in kuantan n wusnt intending of goin back home due to packed schedule of studies..i thought dat its gona b a burfdae without my family..but they came without saying a word..i wus suprised bcoz d family had things already planned out for d weekend but they changed it last minute due to sum tears;p(tersipu malu) but it was really a great n superb all i hav to say is..

I LOVE MY FAMILY^^ they're d best!!!!what more could a girl ask^^
my big sis(d majistret) n i

my parents n i>.<

9 vanilla~:

Akmal said...

Family is everything. Cherish it.
Camera is everything also. Cherish it also hehehe :P

Jay said...

manje nyer bpk moo.. tiut! kihkihkih.. no lah,mane tah ak jpe gmba tu.. yahoo image kot..

anisdiyana said...

kema:m cherishing it^^ n powwer ranjers also evrything cherish it!!!;p

anisdiyana said...

moo??lembu??hahhaa ko jumpe pic apo???

Anonymous said...

so aina azahra is ur sis?the one who always kacau bf org :) my regards to her

anisdiyana said...

my sis always kaco bf org???hmmm gomene but mayb d bf kaco my sis??hahaha lol i might not know more than u do..but gle la u rajen bce smpai..

i think dis post da quite lme..;p

but pape pon she is still my sis no matter what she does...if she were to hurt u or n1 dat u apologies from her behaft..gomene^^

but fyi personally i think it's d other way sis is very choosy bout boys..her options are wide..die x perlu utk cari org yg da berpunye..

Anonymous said...

ohh really?choosy?hahah atau tak laku?


pakai tudung tapi gedik ya amat.

Anonymous said...

delete je cmmt out.buatlah apa dia nak buat asal happy

Anonymous said...

delete je cmmt out.buatlah apa dia nak buat asal happy