Friday, September 26, 2008

P.S= i love you;p

have you guyz ever done this few easy steps =

1.sit down
2.on the laptop/pc/notebook the picture folder
4.browse through the OLD photos n videos

well if you havent..nnt..take some time to do it..its a lil time consuming but you'll realize a few things after that..such as

*how much fun times you had before(not to say that we should live in our past)
*those whom had ALWAYs been with you all this whilethrough thick n

you'll learn to appreciate n love them even more;p (jgn pulak ble da xde nnt bru nk nyesal kn??hmmm..) n you'll also learn to cherish all the memories

-now i love my cameras even more..hihihi

6 vanilla~:

anisdiyana said...

muiz!!i ter reject ur comment..aish..i ingat die tulis approve...rupenye reject...gosh!!!!sedeynye

rajanurhazirah said...

ahaha. man, i just ran through my stuff yesterday time kemas2 bilik... getting rid of old stuff mostly. and me found a few pics yg dolu2. haha. yeh, funny and sad though. going back once more? haha... glad(!) but no, thanks :B

anisdiyana said...

yup2;p heee

B | a | Y | B | i | e ♀ said...

gugu.. anish! ak xlae buang gmba kt title ak tuh! uwaaaa! .. yea.. tuh hp dakuh!

B | a | Y | B | i | e ♀ said...

cannot on ym lor this pc.. my dad mara.. wuwu.. nvm, da bley da.. ngahaha..

Hariry Ariffin said...

Part 17 Lisa sudah di release.