Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A piece of my mind

huhuhuhu its rare for me to blog in when i do so..u can knw dat im DISTURBED..aihhh been postponing dis blog for quiet a while..cant see the significance..maybe there’s still none now..but i seriously cant stand it no more


huhuhu it might b a small problem to some..heck! might not b a problem to u..if it were to happen to u..but it is to need to read further..

dis is juz one way of expressing myself..haha

dis past few weeks been difficult or maybe complicated for me..actually its been a while since things get so other word “serabut”!!

i feel bugged..hmmm or maybe stalked??ok ok i might b exagerating a bit..forgive me..

but seriously i have my patience so plz dont test it to an extend that i can no longer bare..ive been holding it in for quite sum tim…so plz juz give me SPACE so dat i would b able to loosen up and get comfortable again..

im complicated (poyo je) but honestly im in a serabut sori if this post would hurt anyone..i juz cant bare it for too long..i cant opt for face to face thing..people say that its less mean..but is it???i think this is not stating any names or saying any acts..but still sori if anyone takes dis diff.

im juz telling how i feel..which i rarely do.

fyi: nowadays i might b putting a shield to many things..not gona say what..its juz between me and myself..again i might b too serabut to think straight and d fault is all mine to everyone yg ade terase wit me..i apologize for how im acting or acted trying to find my comfort zone..where i can b myself n not feel too aware and cautious of my surroundings..

my mood??_cautious_

and again..GOMENE!!

p.s:this post can be for general or even a particular person..heck it might b u..hmmm go figure;p if u think its u..sori but plz get d msg.

8 vanilla~:

B | a | Y | B | i | e ♀ said...

sowie dear, ak d dikusi smlm.. ok ar nieh.. lau xphm2 gak xtau ar..

anisdiyana said...

kepaleku sudah penin..aihh

M@jiD said...

walaooo... it has been a very long time since january ak x bukak blog ko and blog sendiri.Lol.. for me, patience is the best solution... i hope your problem will be resolved soon.... gogo Anis!

anisdiyana said...

wah tkejut sbntar..biar btol ni majid hahhaha lme gler dowh ko x aktif blog...huhuhu mekaseh majid..i knw i hav to sabar tp i hav my limits gk..sbnrnye ni da agak lme ak tahan..aishhh hahha stlah skian lme...bru ak blog pasal ni..lepas ni ape pule nk d buat ye kalo ak hilang saba...hmmmm g pantai n jerit lah!!hiihihi

rajanurhazirah said...

pantai jom? ;D

anisdiyana said...

huhu jom!!!overall i screwed up nwayz so lets go..hey hooo

today's feeling said...


anisdiyana said...

owh hello!