Tuesday, June 9, 2009

1 year has passed..

and im still trying to register that fact into my brain…lol been a GREAT 1 year..many things has happened..gained new friends n most of all CHERISHABLE memories together..mcm smlm je bru register msk UIA Kuantan ni n ramai new faces around with tough2 new subjects to be learned..hueee but now da end 1 year..congrates to all..weeeeeee~~ here is a GLIMPSE of 1 year of awesomeness

block 1

DSC_0083 [Desktop Resolution]

huhu mase mule2 ade dslr ngan sifu2;p

DSC_0198 [Desktop Resolution]


block 2

DSC_0110 [Desktop Resolution] haaa sape punye ni..lol

DSC01897 [Desktop Resolution]

raye batch

DSC_0389 [Desktop Resolution]

sambut bdae ngan kamilah n zira,fana,ana,zawanah

DSC_0659 [Desktop Resolution]


DSC_0010 [Desktop Resolution]

family dae

DSC_0034 [Desktop Resolution]


block 3

DSC_0080 [Desktop Resolution]

g umah fidza

DSC_0034 [Desktop Resolution] know it right

DSC_0275 [Desktop Resolution]

sports dae

block 4

DSC_0208 [Desktop Resolution]


basically just a GLIMPSE~~ ;p

4 vanilla~:

Akmal said...

one year of many gelak2 sama2 :D
Tho, i have a bad feeling about exam kita kemarin laaa...adey....

anisdiyana said...

kema dear dun wori too much..tawakal je bende yg kte lae wat skunk..we've tried our best..dun let it affect d short olidae dat we rarely hav..juz enjoy it ok??heee~
*sbnrnye ak pon risau huhu tpi..xmo pk bnyk lah bende da wat..hav a epi olidae^_^ nk ole2 tau..hihi

Hafidza Halim said...

Block3+g umah Fidza=Fidza excited!

hehee :D

Tp tak masuk course outline ;p

Tp,1st time jumpa Anis!

Nice to meet ya! U shud noe that! <3

anisdiyana said...

masuk course outline of my life in year one;p hihihihi and the pleasure to get to know u is all mine fidza^^