Sunday, July 29, 2012

:) elective

Alhamdulillah had just finished my 1st half of elective... Honestly I was not looking forward to elective ever since the beginning of it all...the the search for supervisor...the paper work...the decision of place..well u see... I have trouble with communications and paper works....sigh-_-"

And I had trouble midway finding a place...then my dad came to the in the end It was already late and I had to settle with just whatever that's available...ent!

Honestly ent uia was really awesome...but I didn't know how itd be like I was really scared but redah aje lah....

In the end it just so happens that another kid dpt the same posting as me as he also request lambat....a jr from Russia..thx God for a company...he was alright..he had never had ent posting but he coped better than I did though he's actually 3 years I got to hear how it's like in they learnt and all...but thebest thing is still the fact I had a friend and I wasn't alone :)

The specialists there was awesome. This one miss I only spent time with her in ot....she was very generous with knowledge and love to ask questions....I like her a lot...the specialist I was attached to was also very very nice.....there's 2 mos whom I'm close to....they are just simple awesome!:D the staff nurses and ma was also very nice and welcoming

0 vanilla~: