Wednesday, May 27, 2009

kau ilhamku~

DSC_0174 [Desktop Resolution]

monsters’ guitarist

DSC_0236 [Desktop Resolution]

we love bubbles~~

 DSC_0261 [Desktop Resolution]

thx commitees…

DSC_0333 [Desktop Resolution]

sesame monsters <3 ~~

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

to stalk or to be stalked

hahahha b4 pape we hav to define it kn??ngehhh heck i dunoe what it means..malas nk tgk lets assume..muahahha

observant is to observe but to stalk is in a way mengganggu kah??aie..u seem to know how to define it properly kn??hahah

but nway i am neither stalking nor i am being stalked..hahaha so basically the title is misleading..YES i LOVE to mislead;p same s i LOVE to pk bnyk..owh well im juz being me…better than being a hypocrite ryte??lalala~

but i do feel disturbed by sum..but i cant do anything bout it..

but MAYB again..i think too much..

or mayb im not..arghhh xtaula…mayb from now onwards M GONA STOP…”thinking too much” i mean..

so people!!if lps ni ade terase hati ke pe ke n i did not apologize..m truly sorry..coz im totally TIRED of pk bnyk..ALL d QUESTIONS in my head..penat dowh..mayb sumtims what i think is right..but MOST is simply a waste of energy n effort..hahaha felt silly afterwards (dats d major reason to stop)

sum people might understand dis post sum might not..dun even bother to interpret..its just my mind talking other words PK BNYK..haha

current mood:silly~~

Saturday, May 23, 2009

anis pk bnyk??

i hate it when i think too much..urghhhhhhhh ble x pk bnyk salah..ble pk bnyk pon salah..wuttudu???

im clueless..honestly dunnoe what to do..if only there is a LIMIT of thinking dat i can follow..seres dowh ak blur..

dunoe when im thinking too much n when my thoughts classified as sepatotnye(common sense)..

current mood:guilty,sedeyh ke ak pk bnyk?


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

self reminder

need to fix d mind..shoot!!d mind keeps wondering around like a ghost in a haunted house. i have to grow up!so childish la cant control d mind from stupid things..aihhhh

Monday, May 18, 2009

block 4

loves4thblock [Desktop Resolution]

Thursday, May 14, 2009

wahhh i like…

record video…best dowh..tgk org gerak2..heeee specially if those people means a lot to me..ske tgk balik….lepas ni nk record…hihihi tpi gne digital camera jela…since kalo gne video camera hbsla…dslr da berat lgi nk bwk video cam…simply ILY friends n family:)

i said….

i love you…and dis is what i get

DSC00948 [Desktop Resolution] DSC00950 [Desktop Resolution] DSC00952 [Desktop Resolution] 2 msg from my mom…but i think one is from my dad;p….baliey is my bro hahaha

this is very RARE…x sng kot nk msg i love u…lgi la kalo nk ckp…fuishhh hahhaha segan2 but sumtims we juz need to say gk kn???hahah 3 org je i msg ni last nite org laen sye sgt segan untuk ckp…n terase agak pelik…hihihi~

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

…bebel lagi

marah dgn diri sendiri…i know i hav to change n yet im not…ive lost it..been 3 blocks but i cant find myself..where has she gone to?????im stuck with dis other part of me..

current mood: bodoh sombong

Sunday, May 10, 2009

saye suke langit itu

DSC00896 [Desktop Resolution]

seakan contengan...

me again…

i hate d feeling of being alone…urghhhh now m regretting not goin home…:’( im a house cat…huhuhu i can juz stay home without doin nothing n yet feeling all epi n!!everyone is at home…hmmmph

hahaha i juz love to whine..dun i??gomene~ ;p

i dun like being independant coz im not but i have to eyh???

“anis ske pk bnyk” dats what zira always say..huhu

im very clingy n dependant..yes!!!i realize dat much of myself..

sumtims i seem “ngade2”..ya think??hahah mintak maap saye sgt pengecut naturally

do u know me??coz i dont..mind introducing me to myself??haha

mood:merapu tahap xlae blah sbb tencen x balik umah…

Saturday, May 9, 2009

my first time ever…

DSC_0085 [Desktop Resolution]

i had fun taking pics at AGD 5th year…arigato ayie for d camera settings;p..

now i need to learn to play with manual settings..hihihi best2..DSC_0143 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_0100 [Desktop Resolution]  DSC_0146 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_0214 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_0226 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_0135 [Desktop Resolution] DSC_0204 [Desktop Resolution]

Friday, May 8, 2009

2 gurls and a camera

cookie monster and zoe!!!

DSC00872 [Desktop Resolution]

DSC00839 [Desktop Resolution]

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


sumtims we dont really say what we actually feel..n sumtims to hide what we actually feel we say harsh things unintentionally…hmmm now i wonder…

n now with time im becoming worst in what i do n i dunoe how to save myself…sigh

i juz realize..A personality turning B?? now dis is horrible!!

everytin seems to go downhill…falling all d way through..bummer!

current mood: a big lump of failure