Sunday, May 24, 2009

to stalk or to be stalked

hahahha b4 pape we hav to define it kn??ngehhh heck i dunoe what it means..malas nk tgk lets assume..muahahha

observant is to observe but to stalk is in a way mengganggu kah??aie..u seem to know how to define it properly kn??hahah

but nway i am neither stalking nor i am being stalked..hahaha so basically the title is misleading..YES i LOVE to mislead;p same s i LOVE to pk bnyk..owh well im juz being me…better than being a hypocrite ryte??lalala~

but i do feel disturbed by sum..but i cant do anything bout it..

but MAYB again..i think too much..

or mayb im not..arghhh xtaula…mayb from now onwards M GONA STOP…”thinking too much” i mean..

so people!!if lps ni ade terase hati ke pe ke n i did not apologize..m truly sorry..coz im totally TIRED of pk bnyk..ALL d QUESTIONS in my head..penat dowh..mayb sumtims what i think is right..but MOST is simply a waste of energy n effort..hahaha felt silly afterwards (dats d major reason to stop)

sum people might understand dis post sum might not..dun even bother to interpret..its just my mind talking other words PK BNYK..haha

current mood:silly~~

4 vanilla~:

Hariry Ariffin said...

Ko memang personality type A. :D

Cool down. jangan serabut2.

Hafidza Halim said...

Wah2,to stalk or to be one is actually fun!--err,well maybe some limitation is needed. ngeh2~~

Cheer up Anis! Yeah~ we cant limit our thinking n lets take that as an advantage,plus it will be more advantageous if we use our unlimited mind to the positive side! ;D

p/s:after reading ur laz comment on Price-less, I try to search ur link on my blog,carik2 tak jumpe!lotsa my link missing after tuka new layout,nasib I igt sweet name U, anidiyanaarifin Owh I LOIKE it u know! <3

Have a nice day Yang!

anisdiyana said...

hahah ak da dapat motivational talk dri sum1 tdi;p
still i dunoe how to change jdi better..hueee clueless...lalala~
battery sudah charge oscar??ngeeeeee~

anisdiyana said...

weeeeee~ hihihihi im clue-less
kalo nk take it s an advantage pon first i ned to learn to convert convert it i need to understand other words even now im thinking tooooo much..hmmmm
yosh!!!tpi pasti ade kelebihan utk sesuatu itu bukan??heeee~ thx fidza ur d best;p