Thursday, March 17, 2016

Mo ship

So hello~ had finished my ho ship somewhere in november..been floating in ed then currently in PDN.been here since past 2 isnt as hectic as ho ship..believe it or not am missing the gaining crazy weight in is sedentary..honestly am often having this feeling of rotting away.sometimes i do feel like its a waste of gaining knowledge all this while.but hmmm Allah knows better.there must be a reason for everything.His plan is always the best. But sometimes couldnt help feeling down n stupid.while the rest of my friends are in hospitals n kk managing people here i am going to mobiles n such..not saying this job is not it..VerY!!!!! But...i dont want to be the stupid n clueless one.i envy least they r learning..hmmm manusia x prnh bersyukur.Astaghfirullah

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