Wednesday, December 28, 2011


2nd day was an awesome experience....sgt precious n meaning ful.hands on! I can't believe we could do n learn a lot of things...they were really supportive and helpful.but have to remind myself to be really humble and not to forget my place....bile org Baek ngan kite...we have to be sure x take them for granted.subhanallah.may Allah bless them all...Syukur I choose Serdang:D it's d best place for me to learn forensic insyaAllah.

Seeing people on the were s if theyre still alive.i can't help but think I saw them breathing.just my imagination.reminds me of our life is only pinjaman can be taken away from us in a split IHD,MVA...things we never expect....

Even the dead is a teacher.we learn from them indirectly or even directly through observation.

Words of the day. *respect and humble*

We are only human...we were born, grew n still growing, will die...

Its how we live and conduct ourself that matters:D

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