Tuesday, August 30, 2011

i know its raya

mintak maaf zahir n jugak batin..halalkn semuanya n if ade hutang pape bitau la;)

on a random note..i

ts hard to find d right person to be ur other half. how would u know who he or she might be?what is right anyway...but firstly i guess u shouldnt see someone for what they can give u...but still there should also be an equality in things right?give and take:) n its hard to satisfy everyone with ur choice n what u do...but still when u get married..u also gain a whole set of family s well...just try to be the best that u can be???seems tiring...hmmm but at least dont be the worst that u can be:D ~ i dont know....

what do u think?

p.s: nobody is perfect but u tend to expect people to hav d same common sense s u. but its common sense why is it not so common sometimes?

0 vanilla~: