Sunday, October 18, 2009

me NoW

1. words seems to fail me nowadays n i wonder why. cant seem to explain how i feel or think to others. it might b that i myself dont really understand. is it?

2. feels tired of my brain function. Its confusing me a whole lot. I had always knew dat ive got a complex brain n a diff way of thinking. But this is d first time dat ive grown too confused dat im tired discovering what im actually thinking...<---hmmm c what i mean? dang!

3. besides all that. i m frequently physically tired nowadays. dunoe y.

4. i feel s though its never really enough telling others how they really mean to you. eg. telling ur parents that they r loved (truely n deeply), telling friends that they r not being taken for granted.That they r really appreciated.

5. I find that it always pays to do things that makes those whom u care for happy. honestly PRICELESS :)

6. It bothers me that i might b making others uncomfortable or being a burden to them.

7. It bothers me that i have so much to do but still so little done.

8. simply i love you n ur appreciated :) thx 4 everything. families.bestfrens.goodfrens.old friends.

3 vanilla~:

Anonymous said...

syg kamu juga ^^

-anon- guess who am i?

anisdiyana said...

jiehan ke

Anonymous said...

rase2 jiehan ke lone?