Tuesday, December 9, 2008

tagged by majid..hmmm kema!!!i knw i owe u a tag tppppppppppp malaznye nk tgkp pic...hmmm wargh..

majid punye tag:

The last person to tag you is..


Your 5 impressions toward him..


best utk d psycho


cool ble d kaco

future powwer ranjers

The most memorable thing he had done for you..

errrrmmm had..x ingat tp future..hihihi kasi ak belek2 d80!!!huhu

If he becomes your enemy, you will..

ketuk kepale die..sape suh nk jdi enemy..ish x baek tau

If he becomes my lover, he needs to improve on..

ummmm we powwer ranjers hang together notin more...^^

If he becomes your enemy, the reason is..

i dunoe..insyaALLAH x kn majid??ngee~

How do you think people around you feel about you..

anis is annoying n sombong..huhu maaf

The character about yourself is..


The most ideal person you want to be is..

to b better..

For person who cares or likes you, say something for them..

kamu the best!! xoxo

10 people to tag..

none..so kirenye xyh smbgla kn??ngeee

p.s:kema!!!ak malaz la nk wat tag tu..kire halal la ek??ngee

2 vanilla~:

Akmal said...

takde! kena buat jugak! muahahahahaa....

anisdiyana said...

alaaaaa kema yg new hair cut..bolehlaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa