Sunday, April 8, 2012

Of Korea

If u were to visit Korea.i have this to tell u..."i envy u:)"

It was awesome...I really enjoyed shopping in Seoul...if its scenery ur looking for then please head to jeju island.....

Of shopping in seoul I'd recommend u to visit namdaemeon first as its the cheapest place to shop though the design are rather limited....if u can't find it there then only head to myeondong and dongdaemeon...honestly I was not able to really explore seoul as I only went there after going to in other words I was already too tired;p buhuhu. In Seoul the taxis are cheap (6000 in that range)if ure already too tired to explore. But if u want to really explore Korea and don't have a specific place u wanted to go there is always the Seoul city tour.
The places I was not able to go was insaedong, Seoul tower (was only able to see it from the bus) and well I'd have to say myeondong and namdaemeon I was not able to visit it at the peak hours. it was a pity really. Namdaemeon is best visited around afternoon I guess and myeondong at night...dongdaemeon u can visit anytime...

To me jeju was awesome but one visit is enough:) I hope to visit Seoul again.hopefully. Time to save money again:D
Korea was awesome

Thx to my brother for accompanying me there~~~ he's awesome as always <3

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